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What does an EMDR session look like?

One important question I get from clients is, "What does EMDR really look like in a therapy session?"

Clients often know already that:

-EMDR does not involve disturbing the client with discussion of traumatic memories.

-EMDR is not hypnosis.

-EMDR is the most effective trauma treatment for PTSD in adults (a tie for #1 with Prolonged Exposure).

-EMDR is proven by countless studies to be safe and effective, as well as fast (44 studies with PTSD alone).

But what does a session actually look like?

EMDR moves in 8 distinct phases. To briefly explore the basics, I would like to refer the reader to the following resource, which is concise and provides a complete answer. This is in fact an except from another therapist's handbook. Click below to link!


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