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Faith is welcome at my practice

Perhaps you're a regular churchgoer, or perhaps you're not religious at all. Perhaps you believe that good therapy must include your faith; or, perhaps following a divorce, you have deep spiritual wounds that must be handled with care.

Whatever the case, faith is welcome at my practice. In the same way I refuse to treat a child outside of the family context, I do not believe that an individual can be treated outside the context of any strongly held beliefs. Unlike some therapists, LMFT's are encouraged to value religious belief as a strength. As a Christian myself, I find that metaphors, stories, and principles drawn from scripture can be powerful and healing. Just being who I am is as helpful to me as it is to my clients, atheists included.

If you so choose, therapy can be spiritually-oriented in a variety of ways. Perhaps it's just a simple understanding that my office is a safe place, or perhaps it's a deep exploration of growing closer to God as marriage therapy proceeds. Perhaps you just want that door open (or shut), or perhaps you even want to pray before a session. Regardless, I'll make sure to try to listen and understand.

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