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Consultation for EMDR Basic and Certification credit

As an an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Institute Facilitator, I offer online, for-credit consultation services online and in person for eligible therapists, in both individual and group formats. You may have seen me facilitating at an EMDR Institute training, and are seeking consultation to fulfill the requirements for Basic Training. Or you may have completed the training, or an another EMDRIA-Approved training, and you are interested in pursuing EMDR Certification. I am happy for you! Learning how to use EMDR, and honing your skills, will be a turning point in your career.

You can get more detail on individual and group consultation, including pricing, either by clicking the "Consultation" link at the top of the homepage, or you can click [here].

Although my professional interests are listed in the EMDR Institute training manuals, I will reprint them here:

-Rapid treatment of PTSD for resistant or unstable populations

-Dissociation and dissociative disorders

-Developmental trauma and Complex PTSD

-Military, law enforcement, and EMS

-Advanced techniques for taking healing beyond the "0, 7, Clear" paradigm.

In Certification, as EMDRIA requires, I use video clips from consultees to aid with skill-building. But I also prefer to use this in Basic consultation, although it is not required. My approach to Basic consultation is intensive and expects a lot from the consultee. I find most consultees are interested in tackling the tough cases, and getting an inside view on the "secrets" and resources that a Consultant or Facilitator has acquired over the years. In Basic consultation, my first focus is on solidifying mastery of the Standard Protocol as taught with exact fidelity by the EMDR Institute.

One service I recommend, and therefore offer at a discount, is non-credit consultation. This is underused, as most trainees and Certification candidates are happy with the minimum number of hours required. But I do not think I would be writing this blog post had I not employed more consultation than I "needed"--with my rabid intellectual interest and impatience in tackling the hardest cases, this was essential. Once per month didn't cut it when I started encountering dissociative disorders, for instance. I needed a greater level of support for my EMDR learning when my practice quickly filled to the brim with clients seeking treatment for trauma, or asking specifically for EMDR, or referred by local therapists who know what EMDR can do.

All the best to you! --Alex


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