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Trauma therapy with EMDR is safe and effective (Reason #1): Preparation

Preparation! EMDR is faster, more effective, and much more tolerable than other trauma therapies, in part because of preparation. Preparation is an integral part of EMDR, and on a simple level includes teaching advanced calming skills, and developing supports for better sleep. On a deeper level, EMDR preparation uses "resourcing" to enhance the strengths (resources) the client already has, to address weaker areas. Preparation for the "therapeutic" part of EMDR (when traumatic memories are healed) makes sure that this process goes smoothly.

In the photo above, you can see how a client has decorated his cane with a reminder armband used with a particular skill! Personalization at all levels means that preparation and treatment are tailored to each client's needs and unique personality.

I spend time preparing my clients so that they know, when it is time to dive into healing traumatic memories, that they have all the skills needed for success, and can therefore be confident. I have seen firsthand how the confidence my clients develop is many times more important than any of the "tricks of the trade" I learned in my training and subsequent certification in EMDR. As I grow as a practitioner, I am amazed at how much less "work" I have to do, even in the most severe cases, when I help clients to draw on and enhance skills they already possess.

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