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Mental health and racing: Formula 1 superstar speaks out

Lando Norris is one of the hottest new talents in the world of racing, in the most competitive and elite racing on the planet--Formula 1. Having won almost every major championship on his way up the ladder from karting as a kid to Formula 2 as a teen, he is the star at McLaren, one of the most storied and successful teams in F1. My favorite team.

And now Lando is speaking out about his own struggles with mental health issues. The warm reception of this by F1 fans has led to his public involvement in mental health causes. Multiple-race-winner Daniel Ricciardo, having joined McLaren this year, has joined in this outreach, along with the whole McLaren team. Read about it! Click below.

[Click here to read article]

Interestingly, a big business in the EMDR world is performance enhancement. Getting into a "slump" or "psyching yourself out" is where a slice in golf often comes from. An article I read in an EMDR journal was a study of how EMDR was used to eliminate a Pro-Am golfer's slice, without his ever going to the driving range or getting coaching.

It's a bit odd for a southern guy like me, who went to an SEC college to be reading the latest from F1 every morning rather than college football. But the sport is highly psychological in nature. A driver's ability to bounce back from failure is possibly the biggest variable on a team, and not even Mercedes or Red Bull has the money to buy that. For the cost of a few EMDR sessions, they might be able to get "Danny Ric" out of his current slump.

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