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For those who gave all: Memorial Day

Above is a picture of the four SEALs (at left, then three on the right) involved in the action depicted in the movie "Lone Survivor." Only one of these men survived that mission, in which they were not only four against hundreds, but their entire SEAL team was lost in the process of attempting to rescue them.

There are many more who gave all, for our freedom and peace, and even for the freedom and peace of of oppressed nations. If you haven't lived in another country (even a wealthy one), you may not understand that the US, however imperfect, is an exceptional place in terms of the freedoms we enjoy. Today over all days, understand that you owe these freedoms to men like those in this picture who didn't come home. If you are one of those men, this day is for your friends who didn't make it back.

I won't say any more. It is my privilege to work with veterans and those on active duty, whether with marriage issues, PTSD, or anything else. I prioritize the cases of combat veterans.

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