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EMDR and COVID-19 trauma: Charitable work by some special therapists

Trauma Recovery EMDR-HAP is the non-profit formed by Dr. Francine Shapiro for the charitable application of EMDR to current "news headline" trauma. HAP (Humanitarian Assistance Program) has been around the world treating trauma from terrible floods and earthquakes, as well as in the USA after mass shootings and other tragedies. HAP also trains new EMDR therapists in underdeveloped countries, and those who work with non-profits, at a vastly reduced cost.

Most recently, HAP has been working with those who have PTSD symptoms after harrowing, near-death experiences with COVID-19. The following is from an email I just received, describing some of this work. You can learn much more at And as this email below details, you can choose to give charitably this holiday season (as many do) to this wonderful group making a difference worldwide.

“Coronavirus nearly killed me. My survival was and continues to be miraculous. It is also tumultuous, painful, and difficult. I am no longer able to pick myself up by the bootstraps. I'm not even wearing boots. I am sad, beyond measure. I function in a fog. I am fortunate. I am lost.”

Nicole is a healthcare professional in New York City. Last year as the city was slammed by sickness and death due to COVID19, she worked tirelessly trying to help her fellow New Yorkers survive the pandemic. It wasn’t long before she contracted the virus through work and it nearly killed her.

Technically, Nicole died twice. She was intubated for more than a week and faced serious complications of heart failure, kidney failure, pneumonia, and neuropathy.

Miraculously, Nicole pulled through. While her life was no longer in danger, she continued to experience many physical and emotional symptoms, including PTSD symptoms.

When Nicole was referred to our New York City Trauma Recovery Network®, she was afraid to return to work. The trauma of what she went through weighed heavily on her, impacting her ability to function.

“To exist and to live are vastly different. I was barely capable of either when referred to you,” reflects Nicole.

Nicole is one of many individuals referred to the New York City Trauma Recovery Network (TRN®) for pro bono treatment of psychological trauma due to the ongoing pandemic. The NYC TRN is one of 63 networks in our Global Trauma Recovery Network comprised of over 1,500 volunteer mental health professionals.

The continuing global pandemic is causing pain and trauma in communities around the world. Communities that are already wrought with traumatic experience due to constant natural and man-made disasters. We are experiencing trauma on a global level like never before.

The need for the mental health services of Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs is at an all-time high. With your support we can help heal the painful devastation of trauma survivors through our Trauma Recovery Network and by continuing to grow the number of EMDR therapy trained mental health professionals throughout the US and abroad.

As people around the world face compounding trauma, Trauma Recovery/HAP and our network of volunteers are committed to bringing hope and healing to those suffering the effects of trauma.

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