Divorce rates skyrocket 34% due to Coronavirus stress

A recent article (link below) shows that the statistics for divorce during this 2020 time of pandemic are shocking. Especially unsettling is that newlyweds are getting hit the hardest, and the southern US has had 2-3 times the increase in divorces compared with the rest of the country. There are many factors, but the main issue is that many marriages, especially newer ones, have not developed effective methods of managing stress.

This is another example of why Gottman Marriage Therapy can be so effective, as it assumes that really serious problems will always pop up, internally or externally. And 20 years of research shows that 66% of marital crisis "problems" (like Coronavirus stress) are never solved, even in happy marriages. This proves why a lot of marriage therapy is ineffective long-term: problem-solving does not save marriages. Instead, learning to negotiate and dialogue around problems increases emotional closeness, and the problem ceases to drive what truly causes divorce: emotional distancing.

I could quote the statistics, but it is much easier to link to the article, because there are a LOT of statistics. I think what hit me the hardest is that 31% of people divorced this year reported that COVID-19 quarantine "caused irreparable damage to their marriages." This is tragic, because it is so avoidable. As I said above, it's not the quarantine stress, it's the couple's inability to negotiate the problem in a way that reduces stress and generates emotional closeness. Gottman therapy works because it's based in reality and science.

Give me a call if you are experiencing increased stress or emotional distancing in your marriage. Don't wait until it's too late!

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