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The importance of regular therapy

Potential clients often ask me, "Why do you only do therapy once per week, every week? My other therapist saw me once per month." I have some great answers!

-My experience has shown me that clients who do "now and then" therapy, even once per month, are seeing me because they didn't get results with that kind of therapy! Once per month is just enough time to catch up on what's been happening in your life.

-If you have a serious life issue, it needs serious attention. Whether that's anxiety, PTSD symptoms, or a troubled marriage, we often give our cars more priority than our own well-being. Don't be satisfied with the status quo, get it done! I'm into solid results as fast as possible, because you deserve the best.

-Missed appointments happen. But if I'm seeing you twice per month, that's a whole month before I see you again, and then for that appointment, as I mentioned, we will probably need the whole appointment just to catch up on what's new in your life. I consider that a waste of your time and money.

-Certain types of therapy are only effective with once-per-week treatment. Marriage therapy and EMDR therapy for PTSD/trauma are good examples. EMDR, in fact, has been shown to work best with 90-minute sessions, multiple times per week (in hospital settings, multiple times per day!). I wish I could do that, but insurance is what it is--and I do well with one 55 minute session per week.

-I make sure to work with my clients' schedules, so appointments are always on the same day, at the same time, each week. And I shift appointments to preferable times if a client's schedule changes. But I rarely if ever have any client whose employer is not willing to work with them on scheduling. It just takes politely asking.

So let's get something done!

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