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Phobia? Car crash? I can help!

Nearly everyone has a phobia of some sort, but sometimes they really start to interfere with life. Fortunately, there's hope! You don't have to live with this.

For instance, my treatment of severe car phobia, PTSD related to a car accident, has a 100% success rate at eliminating all symptoms usually in one session, often in 15 minutes. More general phobias can also be treated, such as a fear of spiders or snakes. Many people rate their fear of public speaking as greater than their fear of death! I can help with that, too. How do I do it?

-The Flash Technique can be used when an event or memory is responsible for a phobia. Without causing disturbance, it uses a memory recall technique that proves to the deepest parts of the mind that the danger is over. And it's as permanent as finding out that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

-EMDR is normally used as a trauma therapy, but has a well-established and researched "phobia protocol." This technique can be used when a phobia is more complex than simply the result of a memory. Sometimes a traumatic event like the death of a loved one can cause a phobia, and curing the disturbance of the memory usually gets rid of the phobia also.

-EMDR can also be used to alter self-belief at a core level using "future templates of action," and this is good with public speaking or performance anxiety. For instance, a recent EMDR research study cured a golfer's career-ruining slice, without ever having him hold a golf club. It was all in his mind.

-Hypnotherapy can be used for some of the most complex cases, strengthening the ego and offering very "real" practice of the feared activity through guided imagery. This effect is similar to how hypnosis can cure bad habits, because phobias are very similar. Hypnosis is more successful with phobias than smoking, for instance, because very often clients don't completely want to stop smoking, but usually clients are more than ready to get rid of a phobia.

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