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Resolutions for the new year?

Changes are what therapy is all about. The basic question is, "Are you tired of being anxious/depressed/traumatized?" If the guy asking it (me) is able to literally make a business out of helping real people move beyond these difficulties, that's not a hard question to address.

You don't have to be unhappy to benefit from therapy. Perhaps a good resolution for you is to feel more confident, or perhaps your marriage is OK, but could use revitalizing. That's great! I have special programs for both of those things.

If you are a therapist who uses EMDR with traumatized clients, and wants to take that skill to the next level, see my new web page called "Consultation" (you can click at the top next to "Blog"). I offer both consultation for advanced training (Certification) in EMDR, and special skills classes, all at affordable rates.

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