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Two profound insights from my clients this week (Episode 3)

As usual, I continue to learn from my clients.

One client I see is moving toward healing the last traumatic memories from a lifetime of more than 20 PTSD-level traumatic events. She said after her most recent session, which involved healing from a controlling and abusive relationship:

"It's better to be in a car and not know how to drive, than to fight for the illusion of control while there's someone crazy in the driver's seat. I can learn how to drive now, and it's my car."

Another client, a young adult with Austism Spectrum Disorder, is dealing with how a cruel middle school teacher humiliated him in front of the class (I can't give details, but it was terrible) when he began to have an ASD-related "emotional overload" in class. Anyone who has ASD or knows someone with ASD can understand how this would be highly traumatic. He said after his first reprocessing session:

"Now that I've experienced 'just letting what happens happen,' I understand the healing process of EMDR. I have more hope about this process than anything else I've experienced."

I have another quote from this past week I'd love to include, but time does not allow...

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