Try before you buy? The hidden cost of cohabitation

So, disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with morality or religion--just cold, hard facts that young people too often learn the hard way.

Living together before marriage, according to US and UK research, is associated with some pretty lousy outcomes, not the least of which are a 500% greater chance of separation, more stress and fighting, more infidelity, and a way higher rate of divorce if you do marry. Not surprisingly, given these stats, there is also a strong association with clinical depression.

Risk is lowered if there are concrete plans to marry, but I rarely see that. More often, I see endless "engagements," in which men enjoy all the benefits with none of the risks, and women get the short end of the stick emotionally and financially. Channel some Beyonce, "single ladies"--tell him to "put a ring on it" or get lost.

Here is the link to the summary article [click here], and that page has links to the articles providing the evidence. [Click here for Beyonce]