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Why aren't kids growing up?

When I was 15, we were all counting the days till we got our licenses, and summer jobs were just what you did. At 16 guys on the team were wearing Davidson College t-shirts just because it was hardest to get into. And at 17 we were as good as out the door. It isn't that way anymore, but sources in this article argue that it's debatable as to whether that's entirely a bad thing. It seems it's just as true for kids who stay out of trouble as much as it is for the troubled kids. Kids today are growing up slowly, as has been the case in Europe for years with no stigma. I have noticed the trend in both my office and extended family, and although this article deals with a well-off Seattle suburb rather than East NC, it should ring true for many of you. One source in the article suggests that the extension of the teen years is due to mass consumption of media, social and otherwise. Are teens who take it slow lucky to have more options, or are they paralyzed by information overload? Are they more informed or more confused? Read for yourself, and tell me what you think if you like. (click here). You might guess my opinion by the picture I chose at top.

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