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Finances and...intimacy?

What is the most often-cited stressor in marriages? Yes, finances. So I don't care if one of you is better with managing money than the other. If the flame is gone, problem number one is you're not communicating. So where better to start working together than the biggest stressor? Go to a financial advisor together and make it a date.

I am not an expert with finances, but I am an expert in communication and how to get it started back up. So if you bring a problem to start with, e.g. finances, I can start helping. I don't care if it's sex, mountaineering, bowling, or competitive picnicking--communication is communication, and that's the key to intimacy that I can help you find.

Emergency advice if the issue is massive debt? Go buy a Dave Ramsey book. He's not for everyone (financial advisors think he's too hard core), but if you're in over your head, he's the guy.

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