Anxiety: when therapy and medications aren't enough

One of the most common things my new clients bring to me is persistent anxiety that seems untreatable. Medications have made a small difference at best, and regular "talk therapy" has had little effect. These clients often wind up with me as a last ditch effort.

Usually in these cases, the reason meds and therapy have not worked is that there is good reason for the anxiety! Many clients have suffered traumatic experiences, such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse as a child or adult. Trauma by its very nature feels like it is still happening. Take this example: what good is prescribing a painkiller for a broken arm without having set the bone and put on a cast?

EMDR, the only research-proven trauma therapy, is able to treat anxiety at its source, whether the origin is a "big T" trauma or a "small T" trauma. In some cases, perfectionistic parents still have a hold on adult clients--a "small T." In some cases, there has been horrible abuse--a "big T." Regardless, EMDR treats anxiety by addressing its source rather than simply its symptoms.

When talk therapy and medications have been no help, look into EMDR. I am a full member of EMDRIA, trained in EMDR, and would love to share more with you about this revolutionary, research-based treatment. To learn more, scroll down my webpage and click on the button "Learn more about EMDR" in the "About me" section.